Vent Register Filters

A fast, affordable and easy one step solution to resolving three major problems with your home’s air vent registers. FreshVent is an unscented antibacterial vent register filter that fits easily on the inside bottom lip of your home’s floor and wall vent registers. While invisible to the eye, FreshVent offers you a three-in-one solution at the same time for cleaner and healthier living.

Make your home a cleaner place

Keeping the good in,

and the bad out.

Enjoy cleaner, fresher air quality throughout your home by covering your vent registers with FreshVent Filters. These all natural antibacterial vent filters stop insects, filter dust, and catch toys & valuables. FreshVent Filters acts as a barrier between your HVAC ducts and indoor air; filtering out unwanted air particulars and assisting in providing cleaner, more sterile air for healthier living.

Unlike cut-to-fit products that stuff directly into your duct work, FreshVent’s integrated elastic band allows you to easily apply it to the inside of your vent register with minimal air flow restriction. The simple one-step application is a quick and affordable solution to cleaner indoor air. FreshVent Filters work for both heating and air conditioning modes and won’t damage your HVAC system.



If air ducts that are broken, breached or corroded, they will distribute contaminated air into your house. Prevent dust, mites, allergens and unwanted air particles from entering your home with FreshVent Filters.

Our filters are treated with an all natural antibacterials, antiviral and antimicrobial scented solutions that assists with cleaner, more sterile air, for healthier living.

No More


According to industry leaders in HVAC service and home duct repair, over 90% of existing homes have air ducts that are either broken, breached, disassembled, or corroded enough to allow for small insects and bugs to penetrate and enter your home.

FreshVent is the only product currently in the market that can stretch to fit snug on the backside of your vent without creating gaps. This means that no spiders or bugs, of any size, will be able to penetrate its barrier.

No More

Lost Toys

Do your children play or build with small pieces near a vent register in their room or family room? Nothing is more frustrating than having a favorite toy fall into the air vent and got swallowed up by the floor.

With FreshVent these are problems of the past. All your valuables will be there waiting for you to recover with ease, keeping the good stuff in, and the bad stuff out!

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